To-do list for 2012

Hi guys! I've decided to make a to-do list for 2012 :)

1. Pass all of my GCSE exams
2. Get the full Harry Potter boxset
3. Take photos at one special event
4. Get a photography camera
5. Learn how to walk in reasonably high shoes
6. Read the full Twilight saga (3/5)
7. Start a scrapbook
8. Customise some clothing/make clothing or accessory
9. Get a job
10. Donate money/clothes to charity
11. Buy at least 5 things from a charity shop (5/5)
12. Try 5 new makeup brands (3/5) Too Faced, EOS, Neutrogena
13. Become more athletic
14. Have a great 16th birthday
15. Wear bright makeup on an outing
16. Use up all of the makeup I've been meaning to
17. Go on a special date with my boyfriend
18. Bake something without any help
19. Join a drama group
20. Do someone's makeup for an event
21. Have a photoshoot
22. Have a girly sleepover
23. Go to at least 1 birthday party of a friend
24. Reach 700 subscribers on YouTube
25. Blog more

Woot. :D
Leah xoxo